Ancestral Healing

Family patterns ripple out through the years, affecting generation after generation. Some family patterns are positive and helpful; passing down emotional strength or tenacity or creative thinking can be quite helpful to our children and grandchildren. But other patterns such as abuse, neglect or addiction can deeply harm family members and devastate an entire family line. Ancestral Work helps to unravel and clear these harmful family patterns.  

Ancestral Healing has been a crucial part of my personal growth and healing. I have been able to disconnect from dysfunctional physical and emotional patterns that have plagued my family for generations. I have also tapped into the ancient wisdom and strengths of my Scottish ancestors, as well as feminine powers that have lain dormant in my lineage for several thousand years. I am now rooted in the past in a way that supports and nourishes me.

Through Ancestral Work, you can let go of restrictive family ‘rules’ and expectations that limit your choices and happiness. You can tap into ancient ancestral power and wisdom that can help you navigate these crazy and chaotic modern times. Ancestral Healing helps you to create a life that truly fits you and brings you joy. 

Your Ancestors Are Waiting

Try Ancestral Healing if

Your family has a history of trauma, abuse or addictions.
You feel constrained by family rules or patterns.
You have a chronic health problem that runs in your family.

You have a puzzling relationship with a parent or sibling.
You have a problem that won’t heal with other types of therapy.

You have past life memories that haunt or confuse you.
You KNOW there is more to life than what you have been taught.

You want to connect with the wisdom and power of your ancestors.
You are just plain curious about your lineage.

Contact me to explore Ancestral Healing. It is pure magic.

Shed Dysfunctional Family Patterns

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