She Will Become Stardust

She Will Become Stardust


She will forget the fairies for a while.

She will try to hide her skinned knees behind longer dresses.

She will put down her crayons.

She will try to fit in, and begin to hide parts of herself.

She will stop singing to birds.

She will wonder where babies come from.

She will, even at this age, think about having babies.

She will make friends with the underdog.

She will wonder who will love her.

She will lose the bridge to her imagination.


She will have circles with friends in the forest.

She will find a style that is her own and love it.

She will begin to doodle on her homework.

She will try to fit in, and then rebel.

She will sing in the band, and in her car.

She will begin to bleed with the full moon.

She will, with support, try not to get pregnant.

She will join the march and fight for justice.

She will have her heart broken and break others too.

She will begin to wonder what she forgot.


She will eventually remember the magic she holds.

She will take up the space that is hers, though it will take time.

She will recognize her crayons have become paintbrushes.

She will stop trying to please everyone and be relieved.

She will find her voice and speak it aloud and be called WILD.

She will begin to be asked when she will have children.

She will then give birth to children or ideas or both.

She will call circles and call for revolution.

She will be loved and and love like it is all there is.

She will call back her muse and promise to never let her go.


She will become a mystic who knows things.

She will become an eccentric in leather and lace.

She will choose to open a gallery to show off her paintings.

She will bring her medicine basket and people will heal.

She will write books by the beach with her many stories.

She will stop bleeding and howl at the moon.

She will be asked if she is a grandmother.

She will speak about the arc of injustice she has seen.

She will choose to become the lover of the universe.

She will have tea with her muse.


She will become so thin she slips into another world.

She will drop her clothing and become the cosmos.

She will leave her images to be discovered by others.

She will connect with the source beyond source.

She will bring her teachings with her where she goes.

She will have no bone, no blood, yet she will be everywhere.

She will become the grandmother of the world.

She will inspire us to stand up for what we want to save.

She will become love and all who know her will feel that love.

She will become stardust.


Shiloh Sophia


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