Advice to Myself – Foment Joy :-)

Baby Me Fomenting Joy

What the world needs now is more joy,

more humor, more smiles.

Get Busy!

When did I decide that adulthood meant being serious & trying to figure it all out?? Blow that idea up!  I choose to blow up all the crap I was ever taught about adults being required to get serious and be responsible.  Who decided that  mature and serious mean the same thing?

No way!  Some of the coolest adults I’ve every met are goofy and irreverent and downright silly.  I choose that!  I choose to go for wonder and jump on joy today.  Right now, in this moment ,  I choose irreverence and humor over figuring it all out.

So, what happens when I spend my day focused on joy?  Encouraging joy?  Searching for joy?

Is it possible to get UN-serious at the ripe old age of … you  thought I’d spill my age there, didn’t you?! Hah!  Let’s just say I’m middle aged and leave it at that.  I don’t know exactly what’s possible at my age (and does age matter??).  I intend to play and explore how far I can take this joy thing.

Want to join me in my frivolity? Or stay serious, if you prefer. But I’m thinking that I’d like some playmates…


foment  [foh-ment]

verb (used with object)

1. to instigate or foster; promote the growth or development of: to foment trouble;
to foment discontent (!)

2. to apply warm water or medicated liquid, ointments, etc.,
to(the surface of the body).

2 Replies to “Advice to Myself – Foment Joy :-)”

  1. Brother Jeff is looking at you like your joy is somewhat suspect, isn’t he? 🙂 And I look ready to scold you, Junior Mother that I was!

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