Conscious Tidbits – Who Does this Belong to?

Today is officially the first day of Summer and the LONGEST Day of the year! A long day can seem like a blessing – or a curse, depending on how your day is going. Here are a few conscious tidbits to help you turn today into a blessing…

Who Does This %#@&! Belong To??

This Wonder Question is designed to remind you that you are an amazing, infinite, gorgeous being and jar you out of defining and aligning yourself with the negative, nasty yuck of the world that is stuck in your body-mind.

How many of your heavy, bad, negative thoughts and feelings are actually yours?

I have been using this “Who Does This %#@&! Belong To?”   tool and discovered much to my dismay that  VERY LITTLE of the negative crap that I’ve spent years trying to clear was actually mine in the first place!

So, If  you’ve been struggling with a negative, painful issue for years, try using this tool. It is impossible to process negative yuck that isn’t even yours in the first place. So, until you realize that the yuck is NOT you and NOT your problem, it will stick to you like glue.

If you could see me now, I am jumping up and down with excitement and joy because this single wonder question has cleared so much  %#@&! out of my system and freed up so much time and energy!

Use this question for a few days – every time you catch yourself feeling bad or thinking yucky, critical thoughts, just stop, take a breath and ask yourself, “Who does this %#@&! belong to?”   If it’s not yours, ask the universe to release and return it to sender please.

Let me know what happens for you when you ask, “Who does this belong to?”  🙂


What if the point of Life is to Be Joy and Spread Joy?

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