Elemental Flow Weekend

Fairy Meadow at Chautauqua
Fairy Meadow at Chautauqua

Learn to Flow with the Soul of Nature

Come bask in the natural healing energies of Green Mountain for an entire weekend!  I will share Elemental Flow techniques that you can use to connect to nature in a deep supportive way. Learn how to use nature’s wisdom to take your healing, coaching or therapy practice to the next level. I won’t teach you another hand position or healing protocol, but I will teach you how to dramatically amplify the effectiveness of all those methods you already use!  

My Elemental Flow Weekend is all about helping you reconnect to your natural elemental essence. Because once you’re reconnected to the flow of Soul and Nature, it’s easy to draw on the healing powers within yourself and your clients.

Join me in October and  learn how to  reconnect to elemental flows and heal. We will explore: 

The Art of Elemental Flow

  • Connecting to your own soul essence. Helping your clients connect to theirs.
  • Creating a sacred space for the dance of healing flow
  • Falling Awake; being present to the safety of grounded earth
  • Understanding and balancing inner earth, air, fire, water and space
  • Using natural flows to gently resolve trauma and shock
  • Becoming a conduit for Mother Nature’s elemental flow
  • Working with the energy of emotions and beliefs
  • Opening to the natural flow of Soul within you and within your clients. 

Come flow with me and explore Nature’s wisdom. Learn simple Elemental Flow methods that you can use to balance and heal yourself or others.
No prior training is needed to understand and use this elemental wisdom.

Workshop Hours : 6 PM Friday October 18, 2013  until  11 AM Sunday October 20, 2013.
An optional group lunch will be held at end of class on Sunday.

Workshop Cost:  $249
 Save 20% when you register by September 27th – Pay only $200.

Note: Lodging is an additional expense (see options below)

Ready to Register for Elemental Flow Weekend?   a non-refundable $129 deposit will hold your spot.  Contact me and I’ll take care of the details: nancy@nancylankston.com


Chautauqua Retreat Center is a gorgeous natural spot in Boulder, Colorado. Hiking trails through natural pine forest, and meadows of wildflowers are one of the reasons Chautauqua is so popular with both the locals and the tourists.

Chautauqua Pines
Chautauqua Pines

Our Flow Classroom:  A modern cabin at Chautauqua will serve as our classroom space. We will also take advantage of the gorgeous retreat grounds for some class exercises.

Click here to access a map of Chautauqua

Lodging Choices:

You have the option to stay at Chautauqua Retreat Center and spend the entire weekend soaking up the yummy energies of Green Mountain.

Rent your own cabin at Chautauqua:  If the class cabin is full, or if you just prefer your own private cabin, Chautauqua has studio,  1, 2 and 3 bedroom cabins available for rent. Contact Chautauqua directly to rent a separate cabin.

Sleep in Town:  Most of the Boulder area is a 10-15 minute car ride from Chautauqua. Locals are welcome to commute to class from home. For out of towner’s, I recommend using www.hotels.com to find the perfect motel for you.


Still undecided?  Click here to find out more about Elemental Flow classes

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