Conscious Tidbit – Dancing the Dream

Triple Spiral Labyrinth
Endless Spirals

“We come to understand the circular nature of life, transformation, death
and rebirth within the spiraling circle that is eternally unfolding.”

~Jamie Sams in Dancing the Dream

Dancing the Dream by Jamie Sams is one of those books that delights you while it is gently transforming you. Here is Jamie’s opening from page 1:

Where are the dances of Oneness,
That I knew before my birth?
Did I surrender my wholeness
In order to walk the Earth?

Did I choose forgetting
In order to make life real?
Did I inhabit a human body
So I could learn how to feel?

I am here to dance the dream
In my sacred human form.
To celebrate my uniqueness
And ask no other to conform.

Dancing through life’s lessons
I will learn to move with grace,
While I dream of remembering
The potential of the human race.

Brave souls like Jamie Sams save me from the sea of conformity and marketing hype that most bookstores have degenerated into. I am so grateful to still find a few books that feed my soul. Here’s to authentic voices in the wilderness!


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