Wise Words

“We are the birds of the same nest
We may wear different skins
We may speak different tongues
We may believe in different religions
We may belong to different cultures
Yet we share the same home, EARTH
Born on the same planet
Covered by the same skies
Gazing at the same stars
Breathing the same air
We must learn to progress together
Or, miserably perish together
For a person can live individually
But, can only survive collectively. ”

Excerpt from the Atharva Veda – Sacred Wisdom Texts of Bharat
Thank you to Krishna Madappa for sharing this in the ISSSEEM Newsletter.

ISSSEEM is The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
ISSSEEM promotes understanding, exploration, research and
application of the energies of consciousness.

The graphic is a Sanskrit OM. According to ancient Buddhist and Hindu texts,
OM is the sound vibration that started the World.

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