River Love

River Love

Yemaya Assessu

A tender Yoruba (African) chant that speaks of the joining of the river with the Sea and the Goddess of the Ocean. This same River flows through each soul.

Deva Premal sings Yemaya Assessu

Yemaya Assessu
Assessu yemaya
Yemaya olodo
Olodo yemaya 


A celebration of the moment when the river meets the ocean.  Yemaya is the Goddess of the Ocean and the Mother of all Goddesses.

Heart Medicine

What I’m listening to lately:


Om Namo Bhagavate



Deva says in the liner notes for this song that it is her favorite track off her Embrace CD and I agree with her. It is an amazing piece of music. The entire CD is holy. Deva sings some of the most achingly beautiful sacred chants. If your heart doesn’t open when you hear Deva sing, then I swear you must be dead! Her voice brings to mind a perfect bloom.

Chanting is an ancient form of sacred prayer or meditation. For me, listening to sacred chants is like listening to angels sing. And humming or chanting along with Deva Premal chants, calms me almost instantly. When I am having a bad day, this is the music that can smooth my rough edges. Chanting is ancient medicine for my heart and soul.

The words to this particular chant are very simple;
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

The chant means
“Om is the name of that inside me,
which is aware of the Oneness of all things.”

The creator of this video included slides of Mandalas – images that are a visual form of meditation. Two meditations in one – what’s not to like?!

Deva Premal will be performing with Miten at Unity Temple on the Plaza on September 28, 2011. You can purchase tickets at:

Get your tickets soon – this show is bound to sell out!