About Nancy

The Moon’s Daughter by Seb McKinnon

Who am I?

I am a tree-hugging wisewoman healer, teacher and artist.

As a child, I played in a beautiful oak forest that surrounded my home. Climbing trees, playing in a muddy creek, chasing fireflies, swimming like a mermaid… these are the experiences that shaped me.

And all these years later, I am still most at home when surrounded by nature. I look for any excuse to hike and play in the forest near my Colorado mountain home.

I have a lifelong affinity for the moon which, to me, symbolizes the quiet wisdom of the yin feminine. Navigating by moonlight grew out of this love.

Nancy Lankston

My Credentials


I will no longer whisper my prayers in secret
for fear of being called a wild-eyed witch.
Look for me in the forest,

howling at the moon.


Photo by Holly Kuchera

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