About Nancy Lankston

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Who am I?

I am a writer, artist and tree-hugging healer.

I am usually out communing with one of the wild places in the mountains near my home. I also spend time on social media encouraging people to reconnect with the wild Soul of Nature. Why? Because I know that every single person who reconnects with Mama Earth helps to heal themselves and this beautiful planet.

As a child, I played in a beautiful oak forest that surrounded my home. Climbing trees, playing in a muddy creek, chasing fireflies, swimming like a mermaid… these are the experiences that shaped me.

And all these years later, I am still most at home when surrounded by nature.

“Let her be
For her heart is filled with stardust
Her soul is as wild and free
As the wind.”

~Athey Thompson

Art by Maartje van Dokkum

I have a lifelong habit of communing with the moon. I was born on a full moon. For me, the moon symbolizes quiet, mysterious, yin wisdom. Many of my shamanic practices are grounded in nurturing yin moon energy.

I am personally drawn to explore and share about these yin feminine energies that have been denigrated, dismissed and suppressed in this culture for thousands of years. This is my wild feminine path.

I will no longer whisper my prayers in secret
for fear of being called a wild-eyed witch.
Look for me in the forest,

Singing to the moon.


Note: Both feminine and masculine energies run through every human. Subtle, cool, yin energies like the moon are traditionally labelled feminine and associated with females. But these energies are part of every single person, regardless of gender.

My Credentials

Nancy Lankston

Everything I do is about LOVE.
That’s basically my job.
To offer LOVE.

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