Dreaming Wild Events

by Henri Rousseau

Wild Dream Circle

Online on Thursday September 14th
11 AM Mountain

Join NancyL on September 14th to dream WILD.

Gather beneath the new moon
A simple circle of dreamers
The drumbeat sounds
And off we go…

Let’s gather together and call on our spirit helpers, the elements and elementals, Virgo sun and moon, and the wild Soul of Nature. Perhaps an ancient Goddess or two will join us as well.


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Meeting ID: 821 2913 2676
Passcode: 955116


Video Recordings of Past Events

Listening to the Land

Take a guided shamanic journey into the heart of the land beneath our feet – the sacred body of Mother Nature. Call on the ancient forest goddess Green Tara for help and guidance. Green Tara lives at the heart of wild, uncivilized lands. She will hold and guide you on this journey into the heart of Mama Earth.

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”
~Albert Einstein

Recorded June 2023


Dreaming with Ix Chel and the Waters of the World

Take a guided shamanic dream journey with Ix Chel and the Waters of the World. Explore the power and sacred Mayan wisdom of Water Bearer Goddess Ix Chel. Commune with the moon and elemental water. Receive guidance, healing and watery wisdom.

Recorded May 2023,


Audio Recordings of Past Events

An audio recording of the July 2023 Shamanism Without BordersTending is now available:

Link to Recording of Tending Our Earth During Climate Change


Connect with Mama Earth and Celtic Goddess Danu. Find out how you can help and honor her.

Love Your Mama Recording
In Honor of Earth Day
April 2023


Journey to the awakening forest. Connect with Eostre, the elementals and the energies of spring.

Dreaming of Spring Recording
In Honor of Spring Equinox
March 2023


Journey to the far north to connect with elemental Fire and Ice. What wild and sacred wisdom do the elements and elementals wish to share with us?

Dreaming with Fire and Ice Recording
In Honor of Imbolc
February 2023


Drop in, get yin and explore the ancient wisdom of Grandma Moon.

Dreaming with Grandma Moon Recording
Accessing Crone Wisdom
January 2023


Shamanism Without Borders Events

Shamanism Without Borders is a Global Response Network of the Society for Shamanic Practice.

August 2022
Tending Our Waters
Link to Event recording

August 2021
Tending to Climate Change
Link to Event recording

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