Earth Tending

Fall Morning at Bear Creek by NancyL

Our ancestors honored Mama Earth as a great Goddess. They called her Gaia and worshipped her as the mother of every living thing on this planet.

But our Earth has been degraded, neglected and abused in modern times.

Mama Earth is impacted by the pain and trauma of human experience. Illness, death, war, unemployment, family conflicts, regional famine, divorce… many human events affect Mama Earth. And she may stay “stuck” in a state of imbalance for years.

It is time to honor and care for our Mama.

Wind and Breath
Bone and Stone
I Serve Our Sacred M
Body and Soul.

My Earth Tending work involves working with elemental earth, air, fire and water flows – these are the forces that form and shape everything on Earth. I tend and work with a piece of land or water to restore elemental balance and flow.

Tending helps our Earth restore the natural flow of elemental energies so she can recover and rebalance after generations of trauma, misuse and abuse.

I tend the Rocky Mountain region where I live. I also travel each year to tend public and private lands and waters across the globe.

The ground of Mama Earth
whispers… i
t is time. 

Our Mother gently coaxes us
to love Her, embrace Her, honor Her.

Gaia Maa sings for us
and we remember who we are.

It is time to heal our world
by loving Her.

It is time to reconnect
and SING with sacred Earth.

Nancy L 2019

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