Earth Tending

Fall Morning at Bear Creek by NancyL

My Celtic ancestors honored Mama Earth as the great Goddess Danu. They worshipped her as the ancient mother of every living thing on this planet.

Great primordial mother Danu birthed all things, including the Gods. She has always been here. Danu holds all things and presides over all stages of life, death and rebirth.

In modern times, Mama Earth has been degraded, neglected and abused. She has also been impacted by the pain and trauma of human experience. And she may stay “stuck” in a state of imbalance for years.

Tending is a way to help Mama Earth restore the natural flow of elemental energies so she can recover and rebalance after generations of trauma, misuse and abuse.

It is time to tend and care for our Mama now.

Wind and Breath
Bone and Stone
I Serve Our Sacred M
Body and Soul.

My Earth Tending work involves working with the magic of elemental earth, air, fire and water flows – these are the forces that form and shape everything on Earth. When I tend, I connect with the “flow” of a place in order to clear dissonance and restore elemental balance.

I tend the Rocky Mountain region where I live. When I travel, I tend to public and private lands across the globe. I also work with Shamanism Without Borders and lead online global tending events.

House and Land Clearing

When traumatic human events affect your property, it typically feels like something is out of whack or “off.” The land and buildings may get stuck in a state of imbalance for years.

To restore balance, I use shamanic rituals and work with the elements and spirits of the land to clear and bless your property. House and land clearings may be done in person or remotely. Contact me to learn more.

Mandala Prayer for Mama Earth

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