Earth Tending

Sacred Earth, Holy Earth
Love our Earth,  Heal our Earth

Our ancestors honored Mother Earth as a great Goddess. They called her Gaia and worshipped her as the mother of every living thing on this planet. But our Earth has been degraded, neglected and abused in modern times.

Mama Earth is impacted by the pain and trauma of human experience. Illness, death, war, unemployment, family conflicts, regional famine, divorce… many human events affect Mama Earth. And she may stay “stuck” in a state of imbalance for years.

Earth tending involves clearing, anchoring and rebalancing the energies of Mama Earth’s land and waters. It is a beautiful and sacred way to help our Earth restore balance.

When I perform Earth tending work, I “listen” to the land in much the same way my Celtic ancestors did. I listen and receive guidance about the type of healing that a particular site requires. Then I work with the elemental energies of earth, air, fire and water. These are the sacred flows that form and re-form planet Earth. Working in a magical space where form meets Spirit, I help the land and waters to release trauma and heal.

I work primarily on public lands, but I can also rebalance and energetically clear the land (and buildings) where you live. The small fee that I charge helps fund my tending work on public lands. Contact me if interested.

If you know of a place that is in need of love and tendng,
Contact Me.


“There are a thousand ways
to kneel and kiss the earth.”


Nancy in Scotland, 2019