What Can You Do?

I have recorded shamanic dream journeys available on Soundcloud. In these journeys, I guide you to:

  • Journey like a shaman; using rattling or drumming to drop into a liminal dream state.    
  • Connect and heal with Earth and Sky by dreaming with the elements of nature; trees, animal allies, mountains, rocks, rivers, oceans, and more.
  • Access wisdom and guidance from helpful spirits, animal allies and guides. 
  • Help the land, sky and waters of Mama Earth to heal.

Sacred Journeys on SoundCloud

Search for ”sacred journeys” or ”nancy lankston”


Shamanism Without Borders holds guided Earth Tending Events every month. These online events are FREE.

Earth Tending with SWB


Heal with the Heart of Mama Earth

Use this Guided Meditation to relax and open your heart to the wisdom of Mama. Earth


These are just a few ways to connect with Mama Earth and honor her.
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