Earthy New Moon


New moon in sensual, earthy Taurus. Mama Earth is calling.

In these wild quarantine times, a connection to Mama Earth is more important than ever. Find a way to maintain social distancing and GET OUTSIDE! 

Venture out to a nearby park, garden, trail or natural space where you can walk or sit. Breathe in life sprouting and blooming all around you. Revel in the beauty and abundance of spring. 

Ask Mama Earth to hold you, support you, calm you. With her help, you can come back to ground and connect with what truly matters.


Image: Pachamama, Mother of us all.
Artist unknown

A Prayer for Chaotic Times

I am SAFE.
I am HELD.
I am LOVED by Her.

You are SAFE
You are HELD.
You are LOVED by Her.

We are SAFE.
We are HELD.
We are LOVED by Her.


Who is Her?

In the ancient tantric tradition, Adhara Shakti is the Goddess, the divine feminine who supports us in the physical realm. She is the supportive energy in the soil and rocks of our Earth, and in the bones of your body. She is there in the the steady beat of your heart and the solid support of your pelvis and spine. She is there, always there, in the ground beneath you.

To me, Mama Earth embodies Adhara Shakti. I am safe. I am held. I am loved by Mama Earth.

Earthy Full Moon

New Life

Full moon in earthy Virgo, sacred keeper of nature’s rhythms and cycles. 

With the craziness and chaos in the world today, we all could use some earthy focus to anchor and ground us. Spend time out in nature. Watch your neighborhood for signs of early spring. 

Is that joyful birdsong from the tree? Has the wind shifted into a warmer spring pattern? Can you smell the soil waking up? Is that a bit of green poking through? Are the bees out buzzing around yet? 

Dig in the dirt, if you can. Plant something to tend and love and help grow. Or perhaps you want to watch the night sky and follow the moon through her phases this month. 

Our Earth can hold and anchor you in the current chaos, if you open and connect.

Here’s to Mama Earth and the sacred rhythms of spring.


Watery Full Moon

Full moon in watery Pisces. You may feel like your inner emotional waters are running too high this week. No, you’re not crazy – this is an especially emotional time.

Honor whatever you’re feeling. It’s all normal.

Try sitting with Mama Earth and allowing those difficult feelings to surface and run down into her. Earth will hold you, calm you and compost your pain and rage and grief if you let her.


Capricorn Full Moon

Full moon in earthy Capricorn. Retrograde Saturn, Pluto and a partial lunar eclipse add to the mix. The normally creative builder energy of Capricorn, Is in a more destructive clearing away phase right now.

Ready or not, your shadow is out. The old rules of life may not hold much longer. Literally everything is up for debate.

Self care is key to managing this level of change. Create a calm safe space you can root into and relax within. Try to love every wiggle and wobble you make as you feel your way into a new future.

Get Physical

Earthy Taurus new moon time. Get physical. Stimulate and activate your senses in luscious ways; the beauty of nature, favorite music, movement, yummy foods and scents, sensual touch.

Physical pleasure is the perfect antidote to the ongoing chaos and craziness of our world. Get physical now!


Chaos and Change

Stormy full moon in airy Libra. The pace of change in our world has accelerated again under the influence of change agent Uranus now in Taurus. Time to remember that even good change brings chaos in its wake.

You may feel waves of deep emotion washing over you and through you. Find a safe place to drop anchor, get still and allow your emotions to move freely. The result will be a deep and healing cleanse.

This too shall pass.