Flaming New Moon and Eclipse

New moon and total solar eclipse in fiery Sagittarius, the seeker of spiritual truth.

This solar eclipse will only be visible tonight for a few minutes in Antarctica and the southern edges of South America and Australia. But don’t kid yourself; every eclipse delivers an energetic wallop to the entire planet.

And this eclipse event in Sagittarius has a signature energy that I can only describe as…


We are receiving a turbo-charged download of transformative energies. And it’s positive, life affirming, passionate energies this time.

So, the only question is, where in your life do you need a turbo boost?

Where are you aching to make a dramatic shift? Focus there. Now is the time for positive, creative, joyful action. Even a tiny baby step is better than no action at all.

Stop debating.
No more whining.
Go For It.
Act now.

Sagittarius Full Moon and Eclipse

This fiery full moon is is amplified by a total lunar eclipse. The next few days will be positively pulsating with the energies of transformation and expansion.

With change comes chaos. How best to handle all this wild, chaotic energy? Lena Stevens from the Power Path offers this advice:

 “It can be as uncomfortable as growing pains but if you stay present
and focused on improvement, the rewards are phenomenal.
Many indigenous peoples see this time as an anchor
for the future, the beginning of a new cycle.
What do you want? What do you need?
What is showing up for you?
~Lena Stevens


Focus on what you want to improve and change. But never stop expressing gratitude for the good things that are already present in your life. Dance with gratitude for what is, as you turn toward your heart’s desires.

Image: Lunar Eclipse
Wikimedia Commons

New Moon in Sagittarius

New moon in fiery Sagittarius, the truth seeker. A total solar eclipse (visible in South America) also occurs today.

This is a traditional time to perform ritual in honor of earth and sky. Light a candle, say a prayer, make an offering to Mama Earth, the sacred planet that is our beautiful home. Honor the plants and animals that have fed and nourished you all year. Thank the water and soil and sun.

Ritual doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sitting and listening to the potent dark of a long winter night.

Listen to the dark.

Ponder the ideas and plans you want to pursue in the year ahead. Every seed that will grow in the new year is already waiting in the dark. Begin to nourish them now.


image: Wikimedia

Fiery Sagittarius Moon

Fiery full moon in Sagittarius, the great seeker and explorer. If you’re feeling feisty and restless, blame it on the moon! Even Lady Liberty is a bit hot under the collar right now.

This is a great time to explore a place you’ve never been before — that is, if you have been released from strict quarantine in your state. If you cannot get out and about, think about using this sacred full moon time to explore a topic that intrigues you.

Become an intrepid explorer. Expand your wisdom and awareness now.

Whatever you do over the next few days, try to keep your mood set to calm, cool and chillax.


New Moon in Sagittarius

Fiery new moon in Sagittarius, the soulful adventurer. With Sagittarius lighting a fire within you, a desire to leap in new directions may fill you.

New experiences and changes can be wonderfully healing, life affirming and transformative. Just remember that every fire needs a protective fire ring or container – even the fire of passion. Create a controlled burn, NOT a raging inferno.

Note: The new moon was exact on Nov. 26, but travel made posting impossible. No worries – energies of the new moon continue to have an impact for 3-5 days.


Fiery Full Moon

Image: Fire Dragon by Nancy Lankston

Fiery full moon in Sagittarius aligned with the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Meanwhile Jupiter and Neptune are squaring each other, and Pluto is stirring up Saturn . What crazy potent times we live in!

Huge expansive shifts are possible IF you are willing to release and burn away the ancient fears and rules that keep you bound in place.

Let that old crap go. Then dream into the heart of what you truly desire.


Dark Fire Moon

Fiery Sagittarius new moon, Mercury now direct, and Venus rising in the morning sky —> a massive influx of passionate transformational energy bombarding us now.

You can use this energy of change to explore where you want to go in the next year.  What do you truly desire going forward?

Light up your intentions now.