Initiatory Full Moon in Taurus

Full moon in earthy Taurus on Halloween. The moon is visiting with Uranus, a powerful agent of change. Meanwhile, the sun is in wise and witchy Scorpio. 

Our cultural initiation continues.

During normal times, full moons stir up sensitive humans (just ask an ER nurse how crazy people get during full moons). And these are wilder than normal times. A contentious US election is just around the corner. The COVID pandemic is worsening as well. You can bet that this full moon will deliver more chaos and crazy surprises.

Time to get physical.

The antidote to chaos and craziness is to ground in the physical world. Focus on physical movement : walking, jogging, dancing, squats, yoga, weight lifting, etc. Eat grounding foods such as carrots, potatoes, beets and other root vegetables. Sit or lie down on the ground and feel it’s support. Become a creature of the soil and rocks again.

Your ancestors can also be a great source of grounding support. The veils between the worlds are especially thin right now, making it a great time to honor and connect with your ancestors in some way. Every family has ancestors who survived floods, droughts, famine, wars, pandemics and more. Reach out to them now for guidance and support.

Come back to ground.

Dark Moon in Scorpio

Gifts of teh Dark

We are in the dark of a new moon in watery Scorpio now. And Uranus, the agent of radical change in opposition is increasing Scorpio’s normal intensity. 

“The only way out is in. The only way beyond is through.” ~Bryan Ellis 

The dark goddess who rules Scorpio embodies the deep truth of this quote. She beckons to us from the dark, whispering that deep healing will be ours if only we will look within and own every part of ourselves; the fears, the shame, the rage, the guilt… even the desires we won’t give voice to. 

Don’t run way. Sit in your dark. Feel it’s healing power. Hold it close. Love it. Love it all.



Fiery Aries New Moon

This fiery warrior new moon in Aries also has
Uranus nearby, stirring things up.
You may be feeling chaotic, off-balance, wild.
When things get this crazy, it’s time to “go to ground.”

Calm yourself with daily exercise, yoga
or some other physical activity.
Better yet, spend time walking or sitting
with Mother Nature.
She will calm you.