Elemental Healing Sessions

Human bodies are miracles made of earthy bone and sinew, streams and rivers of watery blood, thousands of tiny lung sacs of air, and fiery metabolism that powers every cell. Everything within you is created from elemental earth, air, fire and water.

In my healing sessions, I focus on this elemental level of life; clearing and rebalancing earth, air, fire and water, as well as the energy flows between them. I use very similar techniques in both my people healing and in my Earth healing sessions. It’s the same work, just on a different scale.

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This is deep, energetic work that has a profound effect on the body. It is the culmination of what I’ve learned about bodies and elemental flow over the last 30+ years as a healer.

This is also deeply spiritual work. In every one of my sessions, Spirit directs the work. I call on my guides, helping spirits, allies and elementals to direct the process. I work in this shamanic way in order to get my ego out of the way and allow your Soul and Spirit to guide the healing process. Shamanic healers have been working in this way for thousands of years.

I can help you no matter where you live. We will connect by phone or FaceTime and discuss your issue(s). Then I willI energetically work with your body while you relax in the comfort of your own home.

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