Shamanic Healing

Labyrinth of Soul

Soul Retrieval

Many of our pre-Christian ancestors believed that Soul loss was a primary cause of illness. I agree with them.

Whenever a person experiences trauma, a part of their essence can separate or split from their psyche in order to survive the experience. This is known as Soul loss.

Have you had an experience that continues to haunt you? One that you have been unable to let go of? These are symptoms of Soul loss.

I use shamanic rituals to resolve the trauma, call back the missing Soul part, and restore wholeness.

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing clears the remnants of ancestral (or past life) experiences that can negatively impact your life today.

Generational wounds are typically caused by a traumatic experience that your ancestor(s) experienced but were never able to heal. Ancestral wounds can cause issues down through the family lineage for many generations.

Are there certain problems or issues that seem to plague you? Does it feel like you can never completely resolve the problem, no matter what you do? If so, your issue may be ancestral in origin.

I use shamanic rituals to clear the residue of ancestral wounds so that your lineage can finally release the issue and heal.


In every one of my sessions, Spirit directs the work. I call on guides, helping spirits, allies, angels, your higher self – whatever name fits for you – to direct the process. I work in this shamanic way in order to get my ego out of the way and allow Soul and Spirit to guide your healing. Shamanic healers have been working in this way for for thousands of years.

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