Conscious Tidbits – Tree Poems

 “There is always music amongst the trees in the Garden,
but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”

~Minnie Aumonier

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky”
~Khalil Gibran

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but
a mirror reflection of what we are doing to
ourselves and to one another.”

Holding Space for You

I’d like to share a potent mindfulness practice with you today.

In this 10 minute exercise, I guide you through creating and holding a sacred space for yourself. Holding space is simple yet so powerful!  It is about being as grounded in your bones as a mountain is to Mother Earth. And at the same time being as open and spacious as the sky, and as flowing and reflective as a lake.  Relax and just play with the guided imagery…

Holy Night


falls over the edge of

a silent Earth

reverent day’s end

holy night slides in

and dark expands into

a landscape of dreams

I am full of this night

potent with possibility

in this dark space

waiting for moonrise

 and remembering

the light.

~Nancy L