Full Moon of Forgiveness

‪ Full Moon rises in sensual earthy Taurus tonight.
Dark emotional undercurrents of Scorpio rock this time.
You may question your deepest desires & intentions
as flaws & Inconsistencies are laid bare.
Abundant self-love will help you navigate
this deeply introspective time. ‬
Surrender to what is.



Tarot Card Guidance for this intense full moon: Acceptance, self-love and forgiveness lead to deep healing.

Dance of Light and Dark

Tonight, a Leo new Moon and a partial eclipse of the Sun.

Sacred dance of Light and Dark in our Sky.


Moon and Sun square Jupiter in Scorpio

with 6 planets in retrograde

and yang Mars squaring wild card Uranus.

Time  to reset.  Tie up loose ends and clear the decks.  Clear first and then set new intentions. Choose what you want to focus on going forward.

This current Earth-Sun-Moon cycle is 

“a call to dig deep and be fiercely honest about
what needs to change inside so that the outside can follow.” 

~Kate Rusko

“a beautiful window within which to set intentions around
a higher vibration of self-love and acceptance.”

~Cayelin Castell


More thoughts on this new moon / eclipse time.


Sometimes the Moonlight Speaks

Moon Halo Image by Jeff Lankston


sometimes the moonlight speaks
showing me my place in things

sometimes the river sings
piercing its love straight through me

sometimes the night wind calls
coaxing me up into the stars

sometimes the raven stares
pulling me deep into the mystery

sometimes the darkness hums
reminding me who I am.

~Nancy L