Earth Mother

Willendorf Beauty by Peg Green

I am dawn’s flame
Arching through treetops

I am a whisper of wind
Playing in the weeds

I am dark loamy ground
Supporting roots and shoots

I am cool mountain waters
Tumbling toward the sea

I am holy Mother
Creating and holding you.


Dream with the Capricorn Full Moon

Our Moon is full in Capricorn, the earthy sign of ancient grandmother wisdom. And with the Sun in watery Cancer, this is a potent time to explore the feminine Yin energies of elemental earth and water through the eyes of the moon.

Silence your phone, settle into your chair and allow me to guide you into a moonlit forest…



New Moon in Taurus

The dark of a Taurus new moon is upon us.

The beautiful, dark, loamy soil of our Earth Mother holds the deep wisdom of Taurus. Sacred earth and sacred body are the foundation of this life.

Use the elemental wisdom of earth to come home to the here and now. Sink into the physical. Revel in body sensations; smells, tastes, textures, movements.

Call on the energies of this earthy new moon and the divine Earth Mother to hold you and help you.

Come down to ground.


Image: Moon in Mountains
by Ijaz Rafi on Unsplash

Who Speaks for Our Mother?

Bear Canyon
Beautiful Bear Canyon

Every part of Mama Earth is alive and has a spirit; each blade of grass, pine tree, fox, flower, stone and drop of water is infused and flowing with spiritual essence and consciousness. Our Earth is a pulsing, flowing sacred system. And we are completely interwoven and interdependent with every other form of life in this system. All of life is interconnected; the idea that human beings are separate from other life forms is simply an illusion.

Stone Memories

Our human actions have a huge effect on our Earth Mother. The history of human life is physically and energetically imprinted into the elements of Mama Earth. Her elemental structures hold our human stories of war and violence, love and connection, loss and pain; our Mother stores our history within her water, soil and stones. Like a great elemental library, the sacred body of Gaia “remembers” the entire history of life on this planet.

“Human history is a Gaian dream.” 
~Terence McKenna

Although humans may have long forgotten the stories, Mama Earth continues to hold the history of all those who lived here before us. These traumatic imprints were created through human neglect and ignorance, and they can continue to haunt us for generations. When a piece of land holds a story of human aggression, loss, disconnection, trauma or suffering, those energies continue to impact the animals and people who live, work and interact with that place years later.

Healing Mama Earth

Without some form of balancing or clearing process, a traumatic event may continue to negatively impact the land and the people who live on the land years later. Mother Earth can stay ‘stuck’ in a state of imbalance for generations. But each of us can help our mother release old traumas and heal.

Whenever we consciously treat our Earth Mama with the love and respect she deserves, we actually help her restore balance and heal. And we heal our own relationship with this beautiful blue planet in the process.

Carl Sagan once asked, “Who speaks for planet Earth?” I believe it is time for each of us to speak out for Mama Earth.

“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.”

Full Moon in Libra with an Eclipse Twist

Lunar Eclipse Photo Series taken by Tyler Leavitt
Lunar Eclipse Photo Series taken by Tyler Leavitt

Tyler Leavitt’s photographs of last night’s full moon moving into a total lunar eclipse are stunning. I am reminded of how immense this Universe truly is. AND how every part of this vast Universe interacts and cycles to the rhythms of a magical melody.

This April full moon is in the sign of Libra, which means that relationship, balance and equality issues get activated and may come to the forefront in our lives this week… So, don’t be surprised if you experience “interesting” conversations and dynamic shifts with your lover, spouse, best friend, or business partner!  AND Mars is also hanging out in Libra right now, amping up the male / female relationship dynamics even more.

With the moon in Libra, it is the perfect time to take some action to restore balance and harmony within your most important relationships – focus particularly on emotional balance. And please don’t forget about your relationship with Mother Earth, the one who nourishes us and provides this beautiful home.  I love what shamanic practitioner Lena Stevens shares on her web site about this full moon time:

“This Moon in Libra is closely aligned with Ceres (exactly) and Vesta fully illuminating our relationship to our Mother planet and the gifts of nourishment and support she provides and reminding us to hold these feminine manifestations as sacred.  This is a major theme of the eclipse/Full Moon not to be taken lightly… ” ~Lena Stevens, The Power Path

Now is the time to look for new ways to connect with Mama Earth. Now is the time to help our Earth to cleanse and restore balance. With Earth Day rapidly approaching – and isn’t EVERY day actually earth day?  – now is the perfect time to focus on rebuilding a sacred, loving relationship between ourselves and Gaia, the original mother of all life on this planet.

Lena Stevens also writes about another subject near and dear to my heart, the power of spiritual connections to ground and calm us in these crazy times.

Tapping into our spiritual connections will help us avoid and balance the chaos and fear that can come from those around us when they lack an anchoring relationship to truth, love and power. When we experience an eclipse, it is an opportunity for reset.  A portal of alignment is created where new influence can take precedence over the old…”  ~Lena Stevens, The Power Path

How about renewing your spiritual connection to Mother Earth this week?  No elaborate ritual is required; just a clear intention and an open heart.

Try This: Spend a few moments outside this week, reconnecting to mother earth. Revel in Spring! Sit on the ground and connect down into the soils of the earth, the dirt that grows our food. Breathe in the air that the trees create for us. Drink the water that this beautiful blue wet planet showers us with.

Breathe it all in with gratitude. Ask Mama Earth how you can help her. Then listen for her response.

Fairy Magic

Fairy Flowers
Fairy Flowers

Our new yard in Boulder has fairy flowers everywhere – even under the deck!

“When the first baby laughed for the first time,
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces

and they all went skipping about,
and that was the beginning of fairies.

And now when every new baby is born
its first laugh becomes a fairy.

So there ought to be one fairy
for every boy or girl.”

~James Barrie, Peter Pan

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