Eternal and Boundless

Stardust and Starlight
M78: Stardust and Starlight by Stephan Messner

You are made of stardust and miracles!  Open up and embrace the magic that is your true essence.

Learn to look beyond your physical body and feed the passions of your Soul. Pause, get still and reconnect with the flow of your Soul.

“Our spirits come to Earth from the Sky Nation,
traveling from the Spirit World like shooting stars.”

~Grandmother Wisdom Keeper in
The 13 Original Clan Mothers

Stop Doing and Start Being with yourself for a few moments each day. Take the time to reconnect with your True Self. Follow the dreams of your heart; pursue whatever makes your heart sing. Open up to the joyful knowing that who and what you are goes far beyond the limits of this reality. 

Learn more about the art of the pause here.

Conscious Tidbit – Dancing the Dream

Triple Spiral Labyrinth
Endless Spirals

“We come to understand the circular nature of life, transformation, death
and rebirth within the spiraling circle that is eternally unfolding.”

~Jamie Sams in Dancing the Dream

Dancing the Dream by Jamie Sams is one of those books that delights you while it is gently transforming you. Here is Jamie’s opening from page 1:

Where are the dances of Oneness,
That I knew before my birth?
Did I surrender my wholeness
In order to walk the Earth?

Did I choose forgetting
In order to make life real?
Did I inhabit a human body
So I could learn how to feel?

I am here to dance the dream
In my sacred human form.
To celebrate my uniqueness
And ask no other to conform.

Dancing through life’s lessons
I will learn to move with grace,
While I dream of remembering
The potential of the human race.

Brave souls like Jamie Sams save me from the sea of conformity and marketing hype that most bookstores have degenerated into. I am so grateful to still find a few books that feed my soul. Here’s to authentic voices in the wilderness!


Snowflake Wisdom

St. Vrain in Snow

February has never been my favorite month. The weather can be cold and  brutal. And snow is expected here in the Colorado Rockies today. Winter can seem endless in February. But a little story in  The 13 Original Clan Mothers stopped my winter grumbling and gave me a way to actually enjoy February.

The period of days from one new moon to the next is a moon month. According to Native American teachings, every moon month is watched over by a different Clan Mother.  Early February is within the 2nd moon month of the year; Grandmother Wisdom Keeper watches over this moon cycle. Wisdom Keeper holds the knowing that the entire history of this planet is held within the stones of Mother Earth. And that every part of nature helps hold our history.

One day in February, Grandmother Wisdom Keeper was out walking in nature and a little snowflake spoke to her.  Here is an excerpt of the Wisdom Keeper legend from Jamie Sams’ book:

“…On the Rock Person’s surface was a perfectly frozen snowflake. The intricate pattern of the snowflake seemed to float above the blue-gray of the stone’s surface.Wisdom Keeper bent closer, being careful that the warmth of her breath did not melt the frozen web suspended in the early morning frost. “Oh Snowflake,” she whispered to herself, “what a genuinely rare gift of winter you are.” 

The snowflake surprised Wisdom Keeper by answering her whispered thoughts, causing the Clan Mother’s heartbeat to quicken.

You may call me Ice Web, Mother. When Grandmother Spider wove the web of Creation, she created Snowflakes to represent the webs of dreams that would travel from the Dreamtime to Earth, becoming living, physical experiences.”

Wisdom Keeper had never encountered a talking snowflake before. In her curiosity, the Keeper of Earth’s Records felt impelled to ask Ice Web further questions in order to fully understand the roles that the Great Mystery gave the Ice-beings of winter. “What an extraordinary mission you have, Ice Web. Will you tell me more about how your Medicine assists our Planetary Family so that I may hold that understanding for the Two-leggeds?” 

“Of course I will, Wisdom Keeper. I was preserved in frost so that my passage through your life would not go unnoticed. You must record the purpose of my role in nature so that every Child of Earth will know how her or his dreams and visions aid the spiritual growth of the whole Planetary Family. 

Mother, every one of the Children of Earth has feelings and dreams according to his or her place in the scheme and balance of nature. When combined, all of those dreams and feelings make up the needs of the Children of Earth. The snowflakes are the messengers of those needs because our bodies hold the patterns of each individual dream. When Grandfather Sun’s warmth melts our bodies into water, the feelings of the collected dreams are poured into the Earth Mother’s soil, giving her the understanding of her children’s deepest desires.”

☾ ☽

I LOVE this view of the world where every part of nature has a purpose and wants to help us! A world where tiny snowflakes hold our most precious dreams for us. They hold and cherish each tiny seed until our dreams can sprout and grow in the warmth of spring.

Here’s wishing that many, many snowflakes fall today. I’d like one to hold and cherish each one of my winter dreams, please!

Snow on Front Range