Eternal and Boundless

Stardust and Starlight
M78: Stardust and Starlight by Stephan Messner

You are made of stardust and miracles!  Open up and embrace the magic that is your true essence.

Learn to look beyond your physical body and feed the passions of your Soul. Pause, get still and reconnect with the flow of your Soul.

“Our spirits come to Earth from the Sky Nation,
traveling from the Spirit World like shooting stars.”

~Grandmother Wisdom Keeper in
The 13 Original Clan Mothers

Stop Doing and Start Being with yourself for a few moments each day. Take the time to reconnect with your True Self. Follow the dreams of your heart; pursue whatever makes your heart sing. Open up to the joyful knowing that who and what you are goes far beyond the limits of this reality. 

Learn more about the art of the pause here.

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