My Two Guides

Mountain Guides

The sun and mountains were showing off while I was driving to Denver airport on Sunday. I spied them in my rearview mirror, and pulled off the road to admire them for a few minutes. How I love this place. How does it get any better than this?! 🙂

The Arapaho and Ute tribes named the two highest peaks the Two Guides – a much better name than the ones white guys picked out for them, in my humble opinion. Long’s and Meeker don’t really do them justice.

Whatever you choose to call them, these mountain guides have a special energy all their own.

Magic Morning

Flatirons in Snow

“Let me bring you songs from the woods…”
~Jethro Tull

A bit of serendipity…

This morning I ended up taking a hike in Chautauqua Park. I had an appointment, but the Universe had other plans for me!  I was already in Boulder when I found out that my morning appointment was cancelled. What to do with 2 hours? What to do?  So many possibilities!

Flagstaff Mountain called out to me, and I found myself driving to Chautauqua.  It was a beautiful morning to be outside, sunny and cool with a few inches of day old snow blanketing the mountain. As I began hiking straight uphill in snow, I questioned the wisdom of my decision. But legs and lungs soon adjusted to the climb and the view of the Flatirons was enough to keep me going.

Along the way, I relished the silence – what is it about snow on the ground that makes the woods so still?  I felt like I was walking in sacred silence. Step by step, I picked my way carefully up and down the snowy slopes. Walking in snow became my morning meditation practice. With each step, my mind cleared and my heart opened wider.

Mama Pine

Down in a hollow where I have never hiked before, I met this old Mama pine tree.  I stood and listened to her view of the world for awhile.

I leaned against Mama pine’s trunk, listening and looking up into her branches, After 5 minutes in her space, I felt like I had been at a meditation retreat for days!  And my heart opened even wider. Such is the calming, cleansing power of old trees.

Tree Web

Thank you Mama pine for sharing some of your essence with me.

You helped me make it a magic morning.

☾ ☽

“…a Sign that the Universal Mind
has written you into the Passion Play”

~Jethro Tull, Skating Away…

Conscious Tidbits – Natural Wonder

Longs and Meeker

“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth
and in the contemplation of her beauties, to know of wonder and humility.”
~Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson is one of my personal heroes. She published a thoughtful little book called Silent Spring in 1962. Her book exposed the dangers of environmental pollution and galvanized the early environmental movement in the United States.

I honor Rachel today.

Here’s to people who hold onto their knowing. Here’s to people who realize that we owe our lives to this beautiful Earth mother that nurtures and supports us. And here’s to people who change the world by standing up for what they love.


Mountain Gratitude

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.
Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”
~John Muir, 1901

I am so grateful to live here, bathed in the energy of mountain! Two years ago, after decades living in the flatlands of the Midwest, I jumped at the chance to move to the Rocky Mountains. And my life has opened up to vast new vistas and amazing new ideas since then.  It is the vast and expansive energy of the mountains playing in me and with me.

I am so grateful.

☾ ☽

Advice to Myself – Be Spacious

Does the sky ever complain that the mountain is hogging its space?

Can I be as spacious as the sky?


Number of stars in our Milky Way galaxy:  approximately 300,000,000,000.

Number of galaxies in our Universe:  approximately 200,000,000,000

Wow!! – Plenty of space and possibilities in this Universe for me.

Can I be judgmental and spacious all at once?
No – when I am spacious, judgments dissolve. 


Today I Choose Spacious.

Come on – Be spacious with me! 


Defintion: Spa·cious  –  /ˈspāSHəs/

Adjective: Having ample space. capacious – roomy – wide – large – ample – extensive