Nihilistic New Moon in Scorpio

Image by Fiona Hsieh

New moon in Scorpio, shamanic queen of dark, raw emotions and shadow work. Wild geomagnetic storms are bombarding us. And Uranus and Saturn continue to stir the pot. It’s crazy out there.

You may be feeling like everything is pointless, sad and bleak. But you’re simply exhausted from months of global chaos. Your nihilist shadow part has come out to dance for a day or two. It’s time to shed a skin.

Be gentle with your inner nihilist. Love yourself enough to hold your dark side close and listen to what it has to say. Underneath the pain, there is wisdom in your dark.

Allow yourself to weep, wail and gnash your teeth over the state of the world and your life. Yes, it’s true; a lot of things are f&%ked up. And it’s hard to see how this ends well. So weep and wail and lament your fate..

Yes there is darkness. But every good thing you do, every kindness you share ripples out and creates more light. So be kind to yourself and honor your darkness.

Time to shed the skin you’ve outgrown and see what’s underneath.




Snakeskin – Wikimedia Commons

Passionate Full Moon

Full moon in dark, mysterious, magical Scorpio. If you’re a bit confused, know that you’re not alone. We’re all in the thick of it. Wild, erratic energies are afoot and nothing is simple or straightforward.

Things are primal and strange. And all the passion can be quite seductive. But don’t let yourself get sucked in and do something crazy. Now is NOT the time to make big dramatic moves.

Breathe and ground into your physical body. Keep breathing and grounding. Wait for the energies to calm before you act.



Image: Leopard
Creative Commons

New Moon in Scorpio

New moon in Scorpio, queen of watery depths, secrets, storms and magic. Jupiter and Pluto are playing together. Mars just went direct and Venus passed through a moon gate…

Whew. If you’re feeling wrung out and emotionally exhausted, you are not alone. What a wild and stormy time!

Create a calm, quiet space to nest and rest. Think soft blankets, warm comfort foods, happy movies, slow walks in nature, long hot baths. Nurture yourself. And if tears come, allow them to flow. Scorpio can be quite wet and watery.

Every new moon is a wonderful time to set intentions for the next cycle. After nesting and resting awhile, consider what you want to focus on or create in the next month.


Full Moon with Feeling

Full moon in Scorpio, the queen of watery, emotional depths. Raw, wild emotion is all around us.

Yes, life is chaotic and difficult to fathom right now. Yes, reality is shifting. And yes, you probably want to crawl under the covers and stay there for a good long while. Quite understandable in these crazy times.

Spiral into the heart of whatever you are feeling. Simply breathe and stay with your feelings. Allow yourself to be present with whatever comes up. Breathe and feel it all.

The way out is through.


Sensual Taurus Moon

Image: Macaca fuscata by Noneotuho

Full moon in Taurus, the earthy, sensual one. This moon beckons you to reach for physical pleasures. Meanwhile, the Sun in Scorpio wants you to dive deep into your feelings. The question is, can you do both? 

Create a sensory experience for yourself; explore yummy foods, scents that call to you, beautiful tunes, sensual touch, joyful movement… Get lusciously physical.

Pause and notice the emotions that surface when you treat yourself this way. Is there a part of you that pushes pleasure away? Will you allow yourself to have just a little more pleasure?




Image: Macaca fuscata by Noneotuho

Dark Moon in Scorpio

Gifts of teh Dark

We are in the dark of a new moon in watery Scorpio now. And Uranus, the agent of radical change in opposition is increasing Scorpio’s normal intensity. 

“The only way out is in. The only way beyond is through.” ~Bryan Ellis 

The dark goddess who rules Scorpio embodies the deep truth of this quote. She beckons to us from the dark, whispering that deep healing will be ours if only we will look within and own every part of ourselves; the fears, the shame, the rage, the guilt… even the desires we won’t give voice to. 

Don’t run way. Sit in your dark. Feel it’s healing power. Hold it close. Love it. Love it all.



Deep Yin Full Moon

Watery full moon in Scorpio, dark goddess of the deep. Yin feminine energy and shadow wisdom are surfacing right now.

Meditate or journey inward. Connect with your true emotions and desires. What needs to be forgiven and /or released? What needs to be acknowledged and embraced?

Venture into your darkness and be healed. 💗