Praise for NancyL

Boreal Owl

Praise from Clients

“a beautiful and healing experience”

“Nancy, you are a gem!”

“Wow! that was amazing!”

“a feeling that the issues I raised during the session are working their way through.”

“I feel more complete and whole”

“Dearest Nancy, you’re the best.”

” felt very soothed and connected to Spirit”

“a sense of letting go and opening to new beginnings” 

“I cannot begin to thank you enough.”

“the feeling of peace and confidence has been profound.”

“physical shifts: much less tension/constriction in my throat and chest, which is still the case…”

“feeling restored and more myself and open to new possibilities”


Praise from Students

“such powerful medicine”

“Yes I would recommend it.”

“Pure ecstasy” 

“A big thank you. It was fun!”

“I am carrying in my body the sparkles of the sky & the metal of the earth swirling & dancing within me.”

“Nice to have small number of participants… deeper quality experience.”

“I would watch paint dry with Nancy – she is amazing!”

Find Balance and Heal with Nancy Lankston