Elemental Water

Wave and Flow

The Ebb and The Flow 

Tiny Trickles

Wide Ripples

Vast Waves

Water’s Ever Shifting 

Fluid Motion

Transforms our Earth

And our Bodies

One Drop at a Time

Water Flows

Life Flows

We Flow

Water Water Everywhere

We live on a watery planet; two-thirds of our Earth is covered with water.  We also live in watery bodies; two-thirds of our seemingly solid human bodies are actually fluid.  The key to healthy water, both inside and outside ourselves is FLOW.

Healthy oceans and rivers on planet earth move and flow with life.  Water naturally makes waves! Still water does not stay clean and clear for long.  Look to nature for watery wisdom; Stagnant, swampy areas of death and decay occur whenever the flow of a stream or river is blocked. Motion and flow is needed for health.

The same is true inside us; elastic, mobile tissues that allow the natural ebb and flow of our inner  fluids are essential to health and balance. From the moment of conception to the moment of death, blood, lymphatic, interstitial and cerebrospinal fluids are all in motion within us. Consider the vibrancy and juice  found in a baby’s body – then compare it  to the rigidity and lack of motion in an elderly person.  Healthy body = juicy, flowing fluids!

“When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you,  a joy.”

The health of our inner waters is inextricably linked to our emotional health.  Wilhelm Reich described it best; “our issues are in our tissues.” Every thought and every emotion creates ripples and waves in our inner water. Block off emotional expression and the physical tissues lock up and limit fluid flow as well. Blocked emotional expression leads to areas of stagnant, decaying and diseased tissue within our bodies.  The expression “Go with the Flow!” is wisdom to live by.

Connect with your inner waters.

giggle, growl, weep

scream, cry, wail… 

allow every emotion

to flow through you and from you.

Emote and flow.

Watery Questions to Ponder:

What effect do different people, foods, TV programs, music have on your mood?

What effect does water (bath, fountain, rain, lake, river, ocean) have on your mood?

Is there a water feature in your favorite vacation spot – e.g. Lake, ocean, spa?

What kinds of events and people trigger you to emote?

Does your mood change with the weather outside?

Does your mood change with the moon?

Are there one or two emotions that you tend to suppress or hide?

What would happen if you allow your emotions to simply flow?

Hokusai block print


As thoughts and emotions create ripples and waves within you

Can you meet and greet them with kindness?

And then simply flow on

no matter where they take you?