Free Infinite Web on January 24th

  Calling on the Infinite

Thursday January 24th, 2013

7 PM Mountain

8 PM Central    6 PM Pacific

It’s time for January’s Infinite Web Flow Session.  These group tele call sessions are completely Free and you can take part by simply phoning in. Once connected to the group call, you will be able to listen in, ask questions and be part of the shift that the group creates. Infinite Webs take advantage of the exponential power of group consciousness, making it easier to shift and transform any issue.

In this month’s call, I will share how you can open up and receive from the infinite pool of Universal energy, and use that energy to shift your body or mind into a balanced, calm and flowing state. If that sounds yummy to you, please register for the Infinite Web Flow session on January 24th! 

To register, just send an email to me at: and let me know you want to join my Infinite Web this month.

Being the Joy of You

Joyful Baby Me

Joy spontaneously flows in us, as us, from us
When we remember how AMAZING we truly are. 

Can we allow ourselves to BE that space of flowing joy? 

What will it take for each of us to relax into Being Joy? 

What will it take for us to live from that place of flowing joy? 

How much joy can we embody and share with the world? 

These are the questions I wonder about, that matter to me.
Am I willing to open to the possibility of more Joy every day?? 
How about you?   Would you like to live in joy every single day? 

If your answer is YES, please join me by phone from wherever you find yourself on September 13 and / or September 20th.

Let’s explore remembering who we truly are!  Let’s explore being pure joy!

What: Being the Joy of You Tele Call Series
When: Thursday September 13th and September 20th, 2012.  Attend one or both calls – your choice.
Where: Phone in from Any Town, Anywhere
Cost: $19, includes both Tele Calls on Sept. 13 and Sept. 20

Contact me if you want to be part of this Joy thing: