New Moon in Leo

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New Moon in Leo today; one cycle completes and another begins. 

What is ready to begin or renew in my life today?

What is trying to birth that I can contribute
my energy and consciousness to ?

Where can I begin to  generate and create something potent and magical?

What lunar wisdom does the Leo moon have to share
with me, if only I will listen?


Learn more about natural rhythms and the energy of a Leo moon here:

 Lisa Michael’s Web Site

Watery New Moon

Renewal Time


Tomorrow is the new Moon in the water sign of Cancer.

Dwell on nurturing yourself.

Gently water yourself and your dreams with love.



Anybody else watch Venus fly by between the Earth and Sun yesterday?  In case you missed it, here is a photograph of her crossing the setting sun in France.

The Divine Feminine Venus made herself seen with a backlight provided by the Divine Masculine Sun energy.  All in the sign of Gemini,  AKA the great communicator.  Ladies, if you are feeling the urge to stand up and express yourself, blame it on the transit of Venus!

How Does it Get Any Better Than This?

Venus Transit seen from France
Venus Transit seen from France