I Confess… I Hated Her


I confess… I was s Hillary Hater. For Years.  It’s true. And after Bernie lost, I was heartbroken. I wondered how I could ever support bitch Hillary?

But now I am wholeheartedly with Hillary.

How did this shift happen? Well, back in June, I read several truly nasty reports about Hillary, and I got suspicious. My Bullshit Meter went off. Hillary was being cast as truly evil. And very very few people are truly evil.

So I began to dig. And do research on Hillary. On her life and her work. I read scads of articles. I watched interviews with her and about her. And what I discovered is a woman I admire deeply. She is dramatically different from the evil caricature that the Republican Party wants you to buy. She is a deep thinker with a huge heart.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is one strong, caring  #BadassWoman.  And you know what?



Moral of my story? Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t be snowed by propaganda. Do your own digging. Question everything. Search out the truth.

#ImWithHer        #GOHillary       #Clinton2016         #BadassWomenUnite


Calling All Warrior Women

Dancing with Fire

Tomorrow’s full moon is in Aries, the fiery sign of the spiritual warrior who champions
Truth and Justice. 

Hundreds of thousands of women are feeling the fiery pull of this moon. They are fired up & fed up.  They are taking to social media to speak out against sexual aggression and assault. They are standing in their power and calling men out for dishonoring and disrespecting girls and women for far too long. They are shouting ‘No More!’

A tsunami wave of fierce feminine power has been unleashed. Sexism is being uprooted and brought to the surface. 

To warrior women everywhere: Take a deep breath, find your inner balance and GO!

Speak your Truth.

Standing in Our Power

A Younger Me

The Republican candidate for President is in trouble for his sexist behavior again. An old tape has surfaced. On the tape, Trump can be heard bragging about how he can grope any woman he wants. He boasts that he is rich, so he can simply grab women “by the pussy.”

When women across America express their disgust and outrage, Trump dismisses his comments as “locker room talk.” According to him, what he said was no big deal – “just words, people.”  Trump claims lots of men talk like this. And the most bizarre part? Many men (and even some women) in this country agree with Trump and dismiss his vile comments as simply dirty talk.

1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. Assaulted… But grabbing women by the pussy is apparently no big deal to a lot of people. And if a woman objects to Trump’s comments?  Well, she is simply “overreacting.”

Kelly Oxford knows better. She was quite disturbed by Trump’s comments. So she went on Twitter last Friday night and asked women to tweet to her about the first time they were assaulted.  “They aren’t just stats. I’ll go first: Old man on city bus grabs my ‘pussy’ and smiles at me, I’m 12,” she wrote.  By the next day, Oxford was receiving  a flood of first-person accounts of sexual assaults. And by Monday afternoon, nearly 27 million people had responded or visited Oxford’s Twitter page.

(Source: NY Times article by Jonathan Mahler,
For Many Women, Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Brings Memories of Abuse)

What is a woman to do in the face of this endless stream of sexist abuse? How will this ever stop?  And what do I tell my daughter?

Anyone who reads my blog, knows that I am a big proponent of love. I write often about the healing power of love. But what can love do in the face of this aggressive sexist behavior?  And what is the best response a woman like me can make in this situation? These are the questions I have been chewing on for the past few days.

Here is where I am at today:  Yes, we absolutely need to come from a place of love — this world desperately needs more love. But we must love ourselves first.

We must love ourselves from a place of POWER — a place where we stop minimizing ourselves by apologizing for our own needs, feelings, and opinions. We must love ourselves deeply, and own our power. Then, and only then, will we stop allowing other people to trivialize us.

We matter. Our needs, feelings and opinions matter. It is time for us to embrace how wise and powerful and important we truly are to the world.

Our time has come. We must not be silent any longer. It is time for us to stand up and say NO MORE!  This crap is NOT OK.  It is time for us to stand in our power and say NO to this type of bullshit.  And you know what else? This is exactly what will change the world – woman after woman standing in her power and speaking her truth.

Can we love ourselves enough to stand in our power and DEMAND honor and respect?  It is time. We must do this, for ourselves, and for each other.

We are the Body of the Goddess

Roar, sacred woman... Roar!
Roar Sacred Woman

“Women’s stories are as powerful, inspiring, and terrifying as the goddess herself.
And in fact, these are the stories of the goddess.
As women, we know her because we are she.
Each woman, no matter how powerless she might feel,
is a cell within her vast form, an embodiment of her essence,
and each woman’s story is a chapter in the
biography of the sacred feminine.”

Jalaja Bonheim


Today Honor the Women

Women Singing the Earth by Mary Southard
Women Singing the Earth by Mary Southard

Today is International Women’s Day. 

The Goddess does have a sly sense of humor… it is lined up with a total Solar Eclipse!

Now is the perfect time to honor the women in your life – including yourself!


Find out about IWD events in your area.

Or create your own private event; take a few moments today
to express your appreciation for all the feminine love, wisdom and tenderness
that helped get you to this place and time in your life.

Healing the Feminine

Treasures of the Mother
Treasures of the Mother

There is a sacred ground that is calling to us to heal now; it is the ground  of feminine energies that hold and nourish life. This feminine ground can be found in the dirt of mother earth that holds and nourishes a tiny plant seedling, and within the womb of each woman that holds and nourishes a human embryo. Both plant and human require the sacred ground of mother to sprout and grow new life.

I read of a young woman being brutally raped and left for dead on a bus in India. I turn the page and read of Mother Earth being raped and polluted in a search for oil in the tar sands of  Canada. And I feel the same energy in both acts; a hatred and a dishonoring of the feminine.  It is the male warrior energy run rampant, forgetting the sacredness of the feminine body.

The feminine body has been objectified and mistreated for generations. Both the female womb and the dirt of Mother Earth have been dishonored and defiled again and again.  Entire cultures and religions curse and blame the feminine for our human fall from grace. Those that don’t understand the gifts of the feminine have tried to stifle her wisdom and annihilate her power.

We fear what we do not understand. But how can we possibly kill what holds and nurtures each life?  If we kill the mother, we kill ourselves. And even when we deny the sacredness of the feminine, the mother quietly continues to perform her sacred magic, holding ground for every new life.

Mother is so quiet, dark, mysterious and yet so nurturing; the feminine gifts look and act nothing like the male energies that are prized today. These feminine gifts are so misunderstood, and yet so necessary to heal this world. The power of the feminine lies within an expansive holding, supporting and nurturing energy that is difficult to pin down; visualize the warm safety of mama’s lap; feel into the quiet stability of the earthy ground and you will be on the right track. Knowing the feminine is best done on a visceral and emotional level.

It takes a quieting of the mind and a wondering heart to grasp the gifts of the feminine energies.  Watch a mother with her baby; sense her gentle nurturing and quiet loving presence. Or go outside and sit with Mother Nature; just sit and be still. Breathe, watch and listen to Nature. The wisdom of the feminine whispers in the ripples of the water and the gentle opening of a flower. It is there in the growing tree limbs that arch toward the sky and the roots that burrow into mother’s dirt. Our earth mother holds a quiet space of wisdom, always there beneath the surface of life. She is a mysterious, flowing and constant presence.

 ☾ ☽

The ground of mother whispers that it is time now to heal the feminine. The mother is quietly, yet insistently calling to us. She is demanding that we remember her gifts and honor her sacredness or perish. It is time to heal our relationship with the mother.