Now is the Time — the Fierce Feminine

THIS.   This is the antidote to all the bigotry, hatred and fear in America right now.  Thank you Chameli. ❤️

The moment you take a stand for what really matters to you,
you step into Sankalpa Shakti, a current of infinite creativity and energy.
By committing to what matters to you and stepping two feet in,
you access the very power needed to live out your Sankalpa.  

So what keeps us sitting on the fence?  

I have witnessed in myself and in my practice sisters
how we minimize the value of our path and our wisdom
when we cannot find confirmation from the outside;
how we are still waiting for approval,
comparing the fresh kiss of spirit that we are offered
in the intimacy of our own practice with the outdated models of spirit
embodied by men only. We are still moving in circles, repeating the past.

We tend to avoid that one scary step outside the circle of the known,
into the rush of self-arising wisdom expressed through us.
Are we secretly hoping that someone else will do it for us?

~ Chameli Devi Ardagh


Chameli’s recent TED Talk, The Fierce Face of the Feminine:

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