I Confess… I Hated Her


I confess… I was s Hillary Hater. For Years.  It’s true. And after Bernie lost, I was heartbroken. I wondered how I could ever support bitch Hillary?

But now I am wholeheartedly with Hillary.

How did this shift happen? Well, back in June, I read several truly nasty reports about Hillary, and I got suspicious. My Bullshit Meter went off. Hillary was being cast as truly evil. And very very few people are truly evil.

So I began to dig. And do research on Hillary. On her life and her work. I read scads of articles. I watched interviews with her and about her. And what I discovered is a woman I admire deeply. She is dramatically different from the evil caricature that the Republican Party wants you to buy. She is a deep thinker with a huge heart.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is one strong, caring  #BadassWoman.  And you know what?



Moral of my story? Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t be snowed by propaganda. Do your own digging. Question everything. Search out the truth.

#ImWithHer        #GOHillary       #Clinton2016         #BadassWomenUnite


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