Navigating by Moonlight Sessions

Image by Susan Seddon Boulet

What is a session like?

Sessions with me are very informal and laid back. They take place over the phone or on FaceTime. You begin by telling me about the issue that you would like help with. I may use a divinatory card deck to help focus the energy and gather intuitive information about your issue. Then I will help you formulate a question or two about your issue.

The bulk of the session is spent dreaming. I will guide you into a shamanic dream journey where you can connect with Spirit, ask questions and gain more insight into your issue and its solution.

After the journey, we discuss your dream and its messages. You may take a brief, second dream journey as well. The entire process takes about an hour.

What is Divination?

Divination is the art of gaining insight or guidance about a situation through the use of an intuitive process and/or ritual. It is a worldwide cultural practice that takes many different forms. Divination is considered an act of divine inspiration – hence the name.

Most forms of divination require both inspiration and skill. Divination practices are often based in nature, drawing on information from various natural elements and processes. 

Ancient Greeks revered the female Pythia who performed divination rites for the culture of Mesopotamia. They were so impressed that they imported the practice to their homeland. Romans, Mayans, Incas, Bon, Nordic, Germanic, Slavic, North American and Celtic tribes as well as many other ancient people used divination practices to gain insight into troubling or confusing situations. In many indigenous tribes. divination was routinely practiced by every member of the tribe; they only went to a shaman or priestess for help if the messages were confusing or unclear to them.

And the practice of divination continues to this day. In fact, the Catholic, Mormon and Islamic religions were all founded on divinatory messages received by their founders. Modern diagnostic muscle testing (e.g. applied kinesiology) is actually a form of divination. Scrying, tarot readings and rune interpretation are also forms of divination.

I personally have used various forms of nature based divination for many years. I consider it to be a very powerful intuitive tool.. And dream journeying is my favorite method. I have used shamanic dreaming to guide my personal decisions for years.

What is a shamanic dream journey?

Dreams live at the heart of us. Soul speaks to us through dreams. And dreaming has transformed life on planet Earth again and again; the horseless carriage, the loom, the telephone, the washing machine, air travel… even the common chair. The creators of these inventions all acted on messages from dreams. The simple act of dreaming has transformed life on Earth again and again.

Many adults have lost touch with the power of dreams. We get in such a hurry to reach that next goal… and then the next, that dreams can seem like a colossal waste of time. Yet, if we can slow down enough to connect with and listen to our dreams, they will help us find our way home. 

Our ancestors discovered that it is possible to enter into DreamSpace during the day. Many indigenous tribes created methods for dreaming in daylight.

In my sessions, I use one of the most common dream-inducing methods; I rattle or drum. The sound of the drum or rattle slows down your brain waves and shifts you into a mild trance state. Then I can gently guide you into DreamSpace where you are able to access your higher self and wise spirit helpers. You can ask questions, receive guidance, explore possible solutions, etc.

What does the Moon have to do with my sessions?

In every session, I am teaching you how to navigate by moonlight.

For me, the moon symbolizes the subtle yin feminine, intuitive wisdom that I help my clients access. This process is not remotely linear or logical. If you want logic, my sessions are not for you!

Divination practices are yin, ethereal and mysterious. The answers received are intuitive, poetic, subtle. AND just like the moon that lights up the dark and creates the ocean tides, the messages received in a session can be very powerful and transformative.

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Nancy Lankston, Tree Dreams and Moonbeams

The moon does not fight.
It attacks no one.
It does not worry.
It does not try to crush others.
It keeps to its course,
But by its very nature,
It gently influences.

What other body could pull an entire ocean
from shore to shore?
The moon is faithful to its nature
and its power is never diminished.

~ Deng Ming-Dao