Dreaming Wild Sessions

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Soul speaks to us through dreams,. But in this culture, we can be in such a hurry that we miss most of Soul’s messages. And yet, if we stop, listen and connect , Soul will help us find our way home. 

The Art of Dreaming Wild

Our ancestors discovered that it is possible to consciously enter into the Otherworld or DreamSpace at will. Many indigenous tribes created methods for dreaming at will. These dreaming practices are commonly called lucid dreaming or shamanic journeying. I call my particular method Dreaming Wild..

Dreaming Wild is a form of divination. Dream divination is a ritualized way to ask Spirit for guidance and insight. Various forms of dream divination have been practiced for thousands of years all over the world. Your ancestors probably practiced dream divination .

Mother Nature plays a huge role in this work. Divination practices are typically based in nature and mine are no exception. Soul often speaks to us through nature. In every session, I connect with Mamá Earth and gather information from various elements of nature.

Beyond receiving spiritual guidance and insight about your issue(s), Dreaming Wild sessions may also include some form of shamanic healing. With guidance from Spirit, I may perform Soul retrieval or Ancestral healing for you.

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How Does A Session Work?

One of the most common dream-inducing methods is to rattle or drum. The rapid, repetitive sound of the drum or rattle slows down human brain waves and shifts the dreamer into a mild trance state. In this way, we can “journey” into DreamSpace (what my Celtic ancestors called the Otherworld). We can connect with our higher self, wise spirit helpers and deep soul wisdom. The dreamer can ask questions, receive guidance on an issue, explore possible solutions, etc. The amount of helpful information available during a shamanic journey is astounding.

Dreaming Wild is grounded in nature, yet ethereal and mysterious. Dreams are not remotely linear or logical! The information we receive is intuitive, poetic, magical. But just like the moon that lights up the dark and creates the ocean tides, dream messages hold huge power and can be quite transformative. And no worries if this is all new to you — you do not need any experience with lucid dreaming or shamanic practices. I will guide you.

You also do NOT have to come to Colorado to Dream Wild with me.

My 60-90 minute sessions are shamanic and energetic in nature; this means I can work with you anywhere in the world. All of my client sessions are remote. This is not a pandemic gimmick; I’ve been doing remote healing for 13+ years.

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What is a remote session like?

I connect with you via FaceTime, Zoom or phone. We discuss your issue. Then I drum and guide you into DreamSpace. I teach you how to open and connect with your spirit guides., ask questions and receive guidance .  When we return from DreamSpace, we discuss the guidance we each received from Spirit.

I would love to teach you how to Dream Wild . These practices transformed my life, and I know that they can do the same for you.

I offer private Dreaming Wild sessions
as well as group events.

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Nancy Lankston
Tree Dreams and Moonbeams LLC

“The dream of your life has been dreamed from eternity.
You belong within a great embrace that urges you to have
the courage to honour the immensity that sleeps in your heart.
When you learn to listen to and trust the wisdom
of your soul’s longing, you will awaken to
the invitation of graced belonging that inhabits
the generous depths of your destiny.

~John O’Donohue