Eclipse Power

“The magic of eclipse season is here: have you heard the call to adventure? New moons are already powerful starting points, but when they are eclipses, their effect is magnified. What transpires can feel destined. It’s like stepping into a fast moving stream and letting yourself be carried.

It can feel daunting: sink or swim. It can also feel like pressure: if I don’t jump in, will I miss my opportunity?

There are two very different energies at play in the current chart: one is fast and swift (fire signs) and the other far more considerate and considered (four planets in the sign of Capricorn).

The Capricorn new moon eclipse may have seeded some ideas for you and you may be feeling the urgency of the call to step up, ready or not. What do I want/need to see manifested in the world? How can I be a reliable and dependable leader for others? What are the answers or solutions that I can provide?

On the other hand, today Venus moves into the fire archetype of Sagittarius, the symbol of which is an arrow. Need I say more? Fire signs don’t wait around: they move. Nor do they pussy-foot around: they get to the point…”

~Astrologer Kate Rusko

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