Recreation Pants

“These are my recreation pants.”
~Nacho, AKA Jack Black

We have a “recreation pant” tradition at my house.  What exactly are recreation pants, you ask? Think loungewear. Think pajama bottoms. Think baggy, comfortable and elastic!

Recreation pants go on at my house when it’s time to  leave the problems of the day behind.  We will even announce to each other that it’s time for recreation pants!  It may sound  silly  to you, and it did actually start out as a joke. But the idea of putting on my recreation pants has come to mean much more to me.

The idea of recreation pants came to us after watching Jack Black ham it up in his irreverent and hilarious movie Nacho Libre. In the the movie Nacho, AKA Jack Black, wants to impress the hot young nun (yes, I mean nun). So Nach0 puts on his tight white stretch pants (think Saturday Night Fever pants). Then he poses against a pole and flexes his glutes for the nun. Seriously! It’s a bit of Jack Black comedy genius.

At my house, recreation pants still make us smile, but it’s not remotely about looking hot or impressing people.  Just the opposite.  Around here, recreation pants are all about being relaxed and comfortable and not needing to impress anyone.  Besides, who can look hot and sexy in old, baggy pajama bottoms anyway?

Recreation pants signify that I can let my hair down and just enjoy hanging out with people I love. Doesn’t everybody needs peeps that they can wear their recreation pants in front of without losing face?  I wonder if the problem with most politicians and public figures is that they NEVER think it’s safe to put on their recreation pants. Who among us can stay “on”  24 x 7?  It is impossible. At some point we all need to stop worrying about looking the way we’re supposed to look and saying the things we’re supposed to say. Sooner or later, we all need to don our recreation pants.

My true home is a place filled with people that enjoy my company – even when I’m wearing my recreation pants.  🙂

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