Juno Stirs the Pot

Goddess Juno - Quattro Fontane in Rome
Goddess Juno – Quattro Fontane in Rome

Are you feeling it too?  Relationship Goddess Juno is shaking things up this month (her namesake month).  She has joined with dark Goddess Lilith in the heavens to ‘stir the pot’ and wake women up.  Here is what Divine Harmony recently shared about Juno’s affect on us:

“… Juno’s retrograde journey is getting even more interesting as today she dips back into libra and she will station direct on June 22nd also at the 29th degree- a very karmic degree that speaks to completions, endings and letting go. juno essentially comes to a standstill at 29 libra- so from now until July 7th we are in deeply karmic territory in relationships, commitments and contracts in our lives. there are definite major karmic completions going on right now. whether significant relationships are ending for good or longtime karmic patterns of relating to others is what is ending (or both)- there’s some deep stuff to navigate in the realm of relationships. because Juno stations in libra- we are being asked to look at any issues we have with losing ourselves in others, over focusing on who we are with rather than who we are or if we are happy, as well as where we tend to sweep the shadow under the carpet (ours or another’s). libra is the sign of the scales which brings to mind the justice card in the tarot. right now the scales are being rectified- with all parties needing to account for their part in things in order for healing or closure to happen. navigate this month wisely- and focus on completing karmic patterns you are finally good and ready to leave behind!”

another layer of energy gets added in when we notice that Juno is journeying with black moon Lilith right now as well. they cojoined on may 29th and will do so again on September 11th. Lilith and Juno aligns the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment with the fierce Dark Goddess who governs equality, passion, power and sexuality. with these two dancing in the deep, intense, underworld waters of scorpio we can be deeply confronted with fear of or addiction to intimacy, misuse of or repression of sexuality, shared power vs power control dynamics, jealousy, possessiveness, obsession and operating in relationship from a place of ego need (i want this- fill me up!) rather than Higher Self awareness is up for us to address big time. with juno traversing with BML we also have an interesting juxtaposition of the Goddess of commitment and the Dark Goddess of freedom and independence. with both in underworld scorpio there can be big shadows up right now around fear of engulfment (BML shadow) or fear of abandonment (Juno shadow) and the things we do to avoid feeling all the emotions that arise when either of this are experienced. it’s important to pay attention to emotions, passions and desires at this full moon and do an honest self check in if they are running you or if you are running them, or if you are shutting them down altogether…”     

excerpt from DivineHarmony.org

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