In Honor of Mothers Everywhere

Spring Blossoms

Mothers, I am here to remind you of your crown.
You have literally been initiated
into the creative source of the Universe.

So often, I have seen mothers uproot themselves
from their own superpower when trying to act in the world,
as if the big boys in suits know the rules of
the game of creation better than they do.

Mothers, you know how creation works, more than anyone.
Stay close to that knowing.
The knowing is not in your cranial brain;
it is in your womb brain.
You do the impossible; you have superpowers.
You have been through receiving life, growing life,
gestation, holding, sustaining. You know how to wait;
you’ve been through all the different changes
that happen in order for new life to come.
You know and have experienced exactly
when the time is right to move in full action.
And you have learned this symbiosis,
this total merging with another being—
the complete, utter commitment
and surrender required of you.

We need you more than ever. Your Shakti, in my view,
is what’s going to save us.
And it is saving us every single day.
Without you, none of this would be here.

Mothers, take your seat.
Straighten that crown, and hold your head high.
Own what you’ve been through and what you’re going through.
The world needs you.

~ Chameli Ardagh

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