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  1. This message to share this Poetry about “Joy” by Michael Hopkin

    Joy arrives
    Joy dances and swirls
    Joy given freely to those whom will accept this gift
    The joy of living ones’ life within the realm of freedom
    A childs’ joy untampered with and left to be experienced honestly

    Yes, an honest joy
    Free of hinderences
    Free of doctrines
    Free of definitions
    Free to be expressed and experienced by all willing
    Yes, joy born in freedom
    Joy born in love

    Joy given and taken freely
    A joy that comes to visit
    A joy that arrives to you this day,
    this moment
    A joy to be shared
    A joy in living and
    A living paid in the currency of joy
    Be joyful this day

    Be joyful this moment
    Come to the joy of this moment
    Arrive and depart in joy
    Let joy make a home within your heart.
    Allow joy this day Now

    Now, have we joy

    Michael Hopkins

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