Messenger of the Dark

Raven Eye by Henry Percy

Image by Henry Percy

“Crow is a symbol of solitude, spiritual strength, and the secret magic of the creative life. Black is the colour of creation, the dark womb out of which the new is born. The three crows were the messengers, reminding me of my intuitive, creative nature, waiting to emerge. Three crows, three sisters, three fates, three witches. They are the triple goddess in her dark, shadowy form. 

The Dark Goddess reigns in the space without borders or boundaries. She is the dark side of the moon. She is the creative space, the womb space, the feminine blood mysteries. She is guardian of the life/death/re-birth cycles, and the mistress of transformation and change.

She is Pele, destroying everything that is not useful on our path; she is Lilith, reminding us of our deepest yearning and sexual desires; she is Kali, slaying the demons of our past; she is Sekhmet, showing us how to unlock our anger and our rage. She is the shadow side of our personality – what we try to hide, what we are ashamed of,
what we fear within ourselves, what we have been told to lock away.”

~Kristen Roderick


As the nights lengthen

Dark Goddess whispers in the stillness,

waiting to initiate us into

a time of deep dreaming and seeing.

she pulls away the veils, and we are ushered into

a sacred dark space where we can remember, release, and recharge.

Aspens In Fall by Henry Percy

In this season of change and letting go

Meditate or call on the archetypal energies of

The Dark Goddess

Learn to release all that is complete, all that longer serves you.


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