I Don’t Know, Show Me

Rose by Nancy L

I have found that one of the most effective ways to shift and change my state of mind is actually quite simple.  This method is simple enough that I can remember it even when I am feeling less than perfect, upset or off-balance:

Step 1:  Pause and Get Still. Breathe. And breathe again.

Step 2: Offer Up a Simple Prayer to the Universe, “I don’t know Spirit / God / Source. I don’t have the answer here. Please show me.”

Step 3: Open Your Heart to Yourself. Open to the flow of love that is within you in this very moment. It’s not about calling or pulling in love from outside of you – because, at the core, you are light, love and grace already! Allow yourself to feel your pure loving essence. Breathe deep and open up to the essence of love that is within you in every single moment. If this is difficult, just ask for help from Spirit.

Step 4: Allow Your Love to Flow. Your essence is pure light and love. You were birthed from an ocean of love. Pure unconditional love is the foundation of our Universe. And your cells flow with that same light and love now.

Can you open your heart and accept how truly amazing you are? You do not need to move mountains, create more success or perform miracles – you already ARE a miracle, a walking talking miracle!  Allow the miraculous love that is your true essence to flow in you and through you now.

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